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by ExquisiteIrony & ChianaGray
For the Greater Good


A cast of original new characters join Chiana, her brother, Nerri, his resistance crew (first featured in 'Keep On Truckin' Pt II') and other FarScape cast in an ongoing saga. Secrets are revealed of the Nebari past, current Nebari plots, Nebari seeking change, Delvians seeking change, and one Human seeking some peace, dangnabbit.

In Parts One through Four, now available, Nerri, discovers that his resistance against the Nebari Establishment holds far greater perils than he'd conceived, while Chiana experiences her mysterious abilities undergoing equally mysterious changes...

by ExquisiteIrony & TheThinGrayChi
Chiana and her brother Nerri have an extreme adventure
Join Nerri and members of the Nebari Resistance as Nerri reminisces of his adventure with Chiana
Aeryn and Chiana face death and life together. This introspective character-driven exploration is essentially a "dark" drama.
This holiday-themed fic should be a treat anytime of the year. Although it has its serious themes, it is EI/TTGC-lite you might say :)
Chiana and Jool kibitz over an unconscious John
by ExquisiteIrony
Chiana and Aeryn have their puzzles...
Crichton? Obsessed?
by CheekyChi
Also see the Themed works - Original pseudo-poems exploring Chiana's essence and the whimsical "ChiChips", where Earth commercialism meets... well, you'll see :)
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